With Jupiter here, some sex-positive activism could also go down

Die, athleisure, die! You’re rather East Egg this summer, Leo, as Jupiter tours your discerningly decadent second house. When did people stop dressing up for dates, enjoying analog face time, and hey, even writing each other actual love notes. on (yes) paper? You wouldn’t mind bringing back those days-and enjoying them with a sensible, secure mate; someone who makes time for romance and remembers what your favorite flower is for fuck’s sake! The little things have always mattered to you, Leo, and this summer more so. But it’s no fun if you’re the only one clocking all those precious details. Save your final rose for someone who notices and cares about your preferences like their name was Amazon Prime.

Virgo: The Human Selfie Stick

Lucky you, Virgo! You’re the honored host of fortune-fueling Jupiter this summer, as the „red giant“ rounds out its once-per-decade tour through your sign that lasts from until this September 9. This is your moment to be the adored Alpha, the luminous limelight queen-and anyone you date had better recognize. The trouble is, you’re the sign that governs selfless service and your knee-jerk tendency to be Best Supporting could get in the way. Weiterlesen

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