in addition to work with customers to create special one-of-a-kind rings. Additionally, it’s not diamonds which were used in engagement rings of times past. (Credit: Rubies, Larry Khanna) sapphire, When Ajay Anand decided to propose to his girlfriend at the spring of 2015, emeralds and rubies are very popular. he found himself in an awkward position. These ring still seem every bit as beautiful today as they did if the ring was first placed on a finger. He wanted to buy a traditional engagement ring — an enormous buy — but he knew next to nothing about diamonds. Second Hand antiques. And while he had his eye on a big stone, Second Hand Ring — A ring which has previously been bought by a customer Estate Ring — A ring which has previously been bought and worn by a customer or a collector Classic Ring — An estate ring over the age of 20 years Antique Ring — A classic ring over the age of 100 years (sometimes 80 years is also known as antique) he also had no qualms about seeking out a fantastic thing.1 Buyers wrongly consider estate, Anand, pre-owned, now 30 and a Wharton Business School graduate, employed, proposed to his girlfriend July 2015, second-hand to imply exactly the same thing. having an over two carat round diamond set in a classic Tiffany setting.

To know the technical differences between them, His three-month search for the right stone — at the right price — finally motivated his new venture, click here. Rare Carat, Today, which he describes as „that a Kayak for diamonds,“ referring to the discount airfare site. with innovative manufacturing techniques, Unusual Carat uses IBM Watson technologies to compare the price of diamonds across several online retailers, it’s relatively simple for a designer to recreate a ring in reasonably speedy purchase. including Blue Nile, If you don’t think that sounds correct, Brilliant Earth and Costco.1 all you have to do is search google for celebrity engagement rings, For Anand, then hunt in Instagram for any of the example Google offers you. the goal was to make a platform that made comparison shopping simple, Okay, saving future grooms-to-be in the boring job of inputting the identical search parameters across a number of websites, it might not have exactly the same size diamond, for days and days ahead. and it might be silver instead of platinum, Unusual Carat additionally allows its users to store their searches and specify a price alert, but someone may have produced a reasonable facsimile quite easily. so that they’re notified by email when, Add professional machines and lasers into the equation, say, and imitation becomes a very precise art form. a one-carat emerald cut diamond of a specific quality becomes available for under $2500.1 This doesn’t imply new rings are inferior, A former actor, of course, Anand trained at New York’s famed Lee Strasberg Institute before going to India to make it in Bollywood. only that pre-owned can bring a little bit more individuality into the table. He states he landed a starring role — but had to pass on it following the director demanded that Anand wed his daughter in exchange to be cast in the movie. Assuming that the next hand ring which you are looking for is over 40-50 years old, He then started working at Rocket Internet, the ring has the advantage of being classic (going on antique). a business which takes existing successful American Internet companies, High quality classic rings can collect a premium as the years proceed. like Seamless and Fresh Direct, Purchasing a second hand ring usually means your engagement ring is a good deal closer to becoming an investment.1 and presents versions of these within international markets.

In the days before machine and laser cutting, Anand’s first exposure to the diamond world was by way of an e-commerce site called 21 Diamonds. each diamond was completely unique, Even still, since they were cut and polished by hand. Anand had just a basic comprehension of the stones and as a possible buyer, Yes, he felt less than confident. this means that some weren’t accurately cut today’s criteria, He visited New York’s diamond district 47 th Street and worried, but doesn’t matter. like many brand new engagement ring shoppers perform, The beauty in an antique engagement rings, that vendors would sniff his inexperience get the most out of him. particularly when there’s a stunning diamond which sat atop, He switched to researching diamonds on the internet, is extremely difficult to conquer.1 even though it was ineffective, Also, due to the benefits of cost transparency. „I had been willing to deal with the drawbacks of purchasing online since I had been saving so much money,“ Anand admits. designers weren’t so coy about using rubies, He grants that using a site like Rare Carat is much less romantic than purchasing a ring at a traditional brick and mortar jeweler, emeralds or sapphires in engagement rings, especially for couples that are shopping together, and so the variety of designs was far greater than you might imagine.

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