Each person will prepare for the session by taking an online strength finder assessment such as Clifton Strengths. During the group session, everyone hops on a video call and takes turns sharing their results. We use Trello boards as sort-of a virtual whiteboard, Slack as our chat tool, and Zoom for video conferencing. You’ll need at least one of these tools for each of the activities shared here. The common thread here is that working from home can be lonely. Spending less time in an office environment means fewer built-in opportunities to form social bonds and build trust with colleagues.

Working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t feel close to your team. Make time for activities other than work communication to foster team connection remotely. By prioritizing culture and approaching engagement, you can better address barriers to remote work and ensure your talent initiatives align with the culture you’re trying to create. Focus on remote working tools that streamline communication, enable collaboration, and reduce friction for workers—whether that’s tracking work assignments or following up with coworkers. Working from home can blur the lines between personal life and work life. Remote workers already work longer hours than office workers, putting them at risk for extra stress and even burnout.

With six offices globally and nearly 300 employees, we are building teams with members spread out in different physical locations. In an effort to recreate the magic of in-person collaboration, many remote teams use tools like Zoom and Google Meet to have live face-to-face meetings.

Comparing Remote Collaboration Tools & Technology

Before you start, you’ll want to clarify which communication channel or channels you’ll be using to keep in contact. You can determine guidelines about where https://remotemode.net/ to send messages, who to send them to and when communication is mandatory. It might benefit you to make specific channels for different tasks and projects.

And literally so- COVID is wreaking havoc while having a transformative impact on systems and the environment. Boost trust and encourage development with performance feedback. Show employees your appreciation and support with recognition. The main goal is to make sure your remote hires feel welcomed, supported, and included from day one.

Effective Teams: What Does High Performing Collaboration Look Like?

The biggest difference between remote and real-world collaboration is, of course, in the way your team communicates. This doesn’t just mean moving from face-to-face conversations to chat rooms and video meetings, it also means changing up the way you structure instructions and communicate ideas. Remote work can increase collaboration and it’s a critical part of improving people’s work-life balance. With the correct methodologies and the best tools working remotely can be a huge productivity book.

  • That’s a signal that maybe we need to look at how these teams can be more decoupled if that’s impacting our ability to go faster and to deliver and to respond to customers faster.
  • Asana, on the other hand, is a little hard to get used to but is more powerful.
  • This helps them improve their workflow and contribute more effectively to the team goal.
  • The delay between our messages can often postpone or hide emotional reactions to our comments.

For instance, if a certain manager needs something done on an urgent basis, email wouldn’t be an appropriate channel. Instead, it would be much wiser to communicate through an instant messaging app. We reached out to business owners and managers to find out how they’re working on improving their remote team collaboration. In the office, people have water cooler talk and relax with each other, and that’s how they develop a good environment and a solid work culture. But out of the office they may start to feel disconnected, especially if people only ever talk about work.

But Are There Tools You Just Cant Live Without?

Collect facts and trivia about people on your team and see how well you each know your coworkers. This is a fun way to learn more about each other and build team spirit with some healthy, low-stakes competition. —whether those are one-on-ones, group collaboration sessions, or team meetings. Make sure you have clear processes in place for how and when your team will communicate with each other. This will streamline your workflows, build trust, and ensure accountability across the board. That’s why remote managers need to pay special attention to managing and promoting positive remote team dynamics.

  • So in order to ensure we are communicating effectively, it’s important to understand the role visual thinking tools play in ideation, workflow and collaboration.
  • Each month, gather over video conference to discuss a book or article, or have someone in the group give a short presentation.
  • Knowing when to schedule a project-based meeting is only part of the productivity equation.
  • There are some great free tools like Jira, Trello, Slack, and Toggl out there.
  • Basecamp brands itself as an “all-in-one toolkit for working remotely.” Like its cousins Notion and Coda, Basecamp is a little hard to categorize.

Another one of the benefits of working remotely for employees is that they can work from anywhere. People don’t have to be bound to a city that doesn’t correspond to their standards or preference.

Convert Onboarding Materials For Virtual Learning

Encourage employees to set up a notification schedule based on their working hours on your company’s communication platform. Choose your words carefully to get the right message across.

A best practice used by one of our teams here at Veristat is to have an occasional employee spotlight to get to know individuals better. Most remote teams Best Remote Team Collaboration Practices end up relying heavily, sometimes too heavily, on asynchronous tools such as email, Slack, or posting comments in a project or task management software.

  • Fewer employees who work from home quit, and they also tend to eat healthier and have lower stress levels.
  • She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click.
  • Reserve video calls for only when they’re absolutely necessary.
  • We created ZipMessage to fill that gap and provide a low-friction way for anyone to record their message on camera or screen share, and continue the conversation asynchronously.
  • When managing your hybrid team, make sure everyone feels welcome by connecting with them, communicating with them and always ensuring that they are praised for the job that they do.

A virtual water cooler, if you will, where members can engage in chit-chat or discuss light topics when they’re not working on their next milestone. Assign a team member with the task of taking minutes and notes for each meeting. Ask them to summarize any important ideas conveyed during the meeting, key talking points, or interesting keywords that could be important for future reference. If you want other team members to speak up or share information during the meeting, make sure to communicate this to them before the meeting begins. This way, they can prepare the exact details you need beforehand, instead of offering up an estimation off-the-cuff. Pair programming How to start pair programming Pair programming is a software development technique where two programmers work on a single task, simultaneously and collaboratively.

Work Culture Transitions

In remote teams, teammates can be in different cities, even at different time zones. So, expecting an instant & quick chat is the first-miss in remote team communication methods. Engagement is the emotional commitment we have to the organization and its goals. Building an environment where people feel a sense of engagement and genuine connection builds a team of genuinely invested individuals. Take advantage of opportunities to come together for reasons other than the day to day work when possible. You don’t need to all be in the same office to celebrate the successful completion of a project or the promotion of a coworker. During department meetings save time for the small talk or “water cooler” conversations that take place in an office.

Best Remote Team Collaboration Practices

Trust can take some time to build in a team but if you can calibrate and align goals early on this can expedite the process. Setting team goals can strengthen relationships when everyone is working towards a common goal. Although this activity was not designed specifically for remote teams, it’s amazingly beneficial. When your team doesn’t sit shoulder-to-shoulder, it feels easier to sweep issues under the rug rather than address them head-on. The best way to connect remote teams is to help them feel seen and heard, literally, and in ways that directly address the challenges of a dispersed workforce.

Instead of having to ask team members for the latest versions of whatever they’re working on every time you need them, you can simply log into your online storage service and grab the newest version. It’s easy to reason that a remote worker must also mean no productivity. But as more companies launch and succeed with remote work policies, it’s undeniable that flexibility is now a part of the job description — for good. The best way to get technical help when working remotely is to ask for it in the form of questions. Too many junior developers mistake asking questions for failure. Because it’s often very hard for them to articulate what they are doing and why they are doing it in a way that’s easy to understand.

Best Remote Team Collaboration Practices

What’s more, the native Zoom integration allows you to jump on video calls straight from your calendar. 10to8 can handle teams spread across multiple time zones and the 2-way calendar sync with most calendar apps ensures that double-bookings don’t happen. The automated reminders will help your team keep track of meetings and show up on time and so eliminate wasted time and confusion. While workers located in offices have an opportunity to interact with team members or managers, remote workers working from home offices rarely have this opportunity. The lack of face to face time can leave remote workers at risk of feeling isolated and left out. A survey conducted by Vitalsmarts found that remote employees are more likely to report feeling that colleagues mistreat them and leave them out.

For example, in a customer service collaboration, the customer wants to derive meaningful value from the company providing the service. The company delivering the service wants to exceed this customer’s expectations so that they win their business in the future. Help people find answers quickly by putting your main ideas first. Remove unnecessary content and provide links for more context. Especially if there’s a significant volume of information available.

However, as we covered in our guide to customer communication, it’s important not to cause your customer to have to work too hard to give you their input and feedback. Last, but certainly not least, are the collaborations that happen between your team and your clients. These take several forms, depending on the phase of your client engagement.

But Empower Remote Workers To Do Their Best Work

We’re intentionally and actively thinking about what kind of communication should be strong inside a given team and then thinking about which teams need to communicate on a regular basis. Whether it’s in the office or in the chat tools, make it easy to do and to discover the right place to communicate or collaborate with another team. She also makes it known that everyone’s ideas and opinions are valued in her efforts to cultivate psychological safety, by providing a safe space to debate and disagree. Human connections help remote team members feel like they are part of the team; otherwise they may experience a sense ofisolation at work.

To perform at the highest levels, remote teams have to find new and better ways to operate. Remote communication can distort the normal pace of our conversations.

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